WSJ writes about the Windows Quality Gates

WSJ has an article about how the Quality Gates came about. One of my personal beliefs (in addition to some that were stated in the WSJ peice) was that test in windows had a much heavier workload dealing with xpsp2 then most dev teams, which meant that developers focused on Longhorn while Test was focused on xpsp2. Code was getting checked in and the normal quality controls weren’t getting followed. Each new build of the old Longhorn, just kept getting worse and worse until eventually the decision to restart had to be taken. At the layer of the OS I work at, we more or less didn’t lose any work outside of proving that our code met the new quality gates and checking it back into the product.

2005/09/21 – Wednesday Links

Spawing Cycle Ride

Which reminds me, I did the Spawing Cycle ride this year for a 37 mile ride around Seattle with 1000 feet of elevation gain. The cardiac test of the ride is going up Discovery Park from the Locks to Magnolia. I made it with reasonable speed, but it took more effort and shortness of breath then I would have liked. I’ve really got to get back in the habit of longer rides if I can afford them after my first is born this October. The ride also clued me into Myrtle Edwards Park which would be an awesome place for a picnic along the sound. It’s accessable by heading north along the pier near the Old Spagetti Factory in downtown. Next suprise was Interlaken Park which is between the lake front area and capital hill. It sort of sits in the middle of a steep cliff where you can see expensive looking houses above and below you as one rides through the woods. I was also happy to learn about Thorndyke Rd (and the side road  to get access to Myrtle Edwards) which is a safer way off of magnolia. Overall a nice ride and good to do again next year.


The Seattle PI writes about Microsoft’s obeisity benifit, I qualified a little over two years ago and used the Pro Club’s 20/20 program to go from 253 down to 178. I’m back up to 188 right now, but did STP in one day this summer and haven’t been good about working out daily recently.

PDC stuff

I watched the PDC keynote yesterday.. or at least everything up to the code walkthroughs. I was very happy with some of the improvements comming in office 12, but not much in the Vista demos excited me (probably because I’ve been see’ng the stuff for while). The UI improvements promise to be good, I’m especially the quick “What’s my next meeting?” on the mail page. What I’m estatic about is the LUA features, or the “How we don’t always run as admin“ features.

Other things for me to check out:

Laptop Rebuid

Ever flatten your machine and rebuild the OS only to discover two unknown devices sitting in the device manager? I have no idea what they are but they have PNP ids that on goggle lead to two useless links in some asian language. It’s a lot like fixing your car and ending up with extra parts.

Organization Day

Today is going to be an organization day.  A day that I tidy up a couple of things so that I can stay sane and productive. My inbox will get emptied, tasks will be defined and accumulate. Unread blog entries will get read or ignored. All my test boxen will get recovered from whatever random state they ended up in and stress will run.