NPR: Court: Same-Sex Couples Must Provide Child Support

California’s Supreme Court rules that unmarried, same-sex couples are lawful parents and must provide for their children if they break up. The court ruled that if both same-sex partners intended to parent a child conceived by artificial insemination, then both partners have an equal right to child custody and child support, even if one partner has no genetic link.


Comparable Worth?

Slate explains the notion “Comparable Worth” after we find that at one point Roberts found it highly objectionable. The notion of gender based job segregation still doesn’t sit right with me although it’s more acceptable then some of the not getting equal pay in the same job type issues. However I find that I agree with the notion that the government shouldn’t be figuring out which jobs are worth what.

Larry Osterman explains the Layering Quality Gate

Larry Osterman recently explained the Windows Vista layering quality gate. There is a big poster in 26 that plots out all the components, what layer they live at and how they connect to lower layers. It’s amazing to look at.