Listening to David Irons

David Irons a city council member is running for King County Executive and spoke at Microsoft today. Some random notes:

  • $3.3 Billion budget for King County
  • 12th largest county in the nation
  • Goes for a very minimalistic approach
  • Education Background
  • Wants an elected auditor – Larson was too technical not enough management experience
  • 4 year vrs 13 year homeless soln.
  • Growth\Land Use
    • Believes that land use has failed in King County, goal 15-30 ride for workers.
    • Seattle fails it’s growth projections, eastside meets or exceeds
    • Too much single family home in seattle
    • raising height limits
  • Norm Maleng has the jurisdiction to act and hasn’t on voter fraud.
  • CAO, science wasn’t done well, and the suburban and urban parts aren’t addressed.



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