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Busy Week

Last week was quite busy at work because of preparation for another feature RI. Code Coverage especially was a focus. I missed my Tuesday night ride and Monday night spinning because of it. I was feeling pretty hard core because of a really fast 50 mile ride to Black Diamond from Renton last Saturday. This weekend I did a quite loop around Lake Sammamish against a nasty little headwind and 50 mile ride with Sue where we went from Carnation up past North Bend and back. The back road in that valley with Carnation and Fall City is just ideal biking right now especially with the weather in the 60s.

Pam and I hung out with Misha Friday night along with Ben, Becky and Mark S at the Teapot a kosher vegetarian restaurant near work next to the Malay Satay Hut. They have excellent dishes, and even the skeptical Misha was impressed with their “chicken”. Saturday, I held a BBQ with my employees. It was low key but the food was good. Sunday, we had dinner again with the Goldmans and Julie, except this weekend instead of a limo ride and dinner out, we had a turkey dinner with Stephanie at the Goldman’s house. The girls were into remembering children songs, and were singing them all night.