Working from home and a nice dinner

Been working at home all week, which has turned out pretty well. I don’t think I’ll have house fever before our trip this weekend.

I got in one bike ride from Tracy Owen park to Redmond because it looked like a sunshiny day. Unfortunately most of the ride was in a cold fog and I popped an inner tube after running into some glass. I met some nice folks and learned that a lot of people use a ~15 mph pace with an early start and a pace line to do STP in one day. I also saw again the horse trainer that I met on Ted’s rides, she had a very fancy heart rate monitor and was doing all right with the longer rides.

I also tried using the crock pot to cook a big $5 piece of beef from Costco. I cooked it for a couple of hours on high, and ended up with a tough piece of meat. I’ve since then let it cook on low for many more hours, and it has finally gotten tender.

Last night I went to dinner at Mark and Alyssum’s place. Raymond, Keshav and Kerry were also there. I had some very nice Oregon desert wine that Kerry brought, and learned about brewer’s yeast being the topping of hippies. At some point Alyssum will introduce me to hippy popcorn. Later we all played celebrity taboo and watched Buck Rogers.