Tuesday Morning Links

  • The lame duck session of congress gives us an Intelligence Overhaul.
  • Reality seems to continue marching in Iraq, although not everyone agrees.
  • Here is a pretty detailed article about the status of Nuclear Weapons and Iran. Things that stand out to me is that the civilian program issues is still a two year timeframe, alligations of military programs especially related to two sites, Parchin and Lavisan II, an Iranian opposition terroist group that is helping supply the intelligence called the National Council of Resistance and a shopping list of dual use items that have been bought.
  • Here is a warning that the 1996 telecommunications bill need some updating.
  • In the NyTimes opinion seciton is Red Diaper Babies, getting the government out of industry advertising and Updating the U.N.
  • Krugman has some fun: My favorite example of their three-card-monte logic goes like this: first, they insist that the Social Security system’s current surplus and the trust fund it has been accumulating with that surplus are meaningless. Social Security, they say, isn’t really an independent entity – it’s just part of the federal government. If the trust fund is meaningless, by the way, that Greenspan-sponsored tax increase in the 1980’s was nothing but an exercise in class warfare: taxes on working-class Americans went up, taxes on the affluent went down, and the workers have nothing to show for their sacrifice. But never mind: the same people who claim that Social Security isn’t an independent entity when it runs surpluses also insist that late next decade, when the benefit payments start to exceed the payroll tax receipts, this will represent a crisis – you see, Social Security has its own dedicated financing, and therefore must stand on its own.

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