Weekend Update

Decent weekend, Friday night was dinner at Mediterranean Kitchen and some shopping at the Bon. Saturday we went to Keshav and Kerrie’s pre-Christmas party. Unfortunately I slept through the first part of it, but I did get to play a bit of halo 2 co-op and watch Keshav show off the new Grand Theft Auto game. Sunday, pam and I went on an 8 mile bike ride through a small snow storm, meeting our ride leader Ted. Pam’s phone didn’t survive the trip. We did a bunch of chores around the house, finally cleaning up Halloween. Later we went and bought some new ski clothing (since we both have loss weight from the last time we bought that type of thing. The new Snoqualmie Chinese place in the grocery market wasn’t all that good. I wish I knew what they did wrong, because their cooking was very similar to my stir-fry results. This week I continue to try to keep up my spinning class and cardio (I did four workouts last week).


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