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NPR Afternoon

NPR just started a new mini series on the mix of Muslim identity and Europe by Sylvia Poggioli. The first entry is “Europe, Islam’s New Front Line: The Netherlands“. One section of the city is known as satellite city because of the number of satellite dishes receiving Arabic content.

There are also a couple interesting pieces on Powell now that he’s resigning. The first is Robert Siegel talking with Richard Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations. Daniel Schorr comments on it in “Powell Served Country, Not Party“. Regarding Rice, “Rice Known for Loyalty to Bush” and “What to Expect from Rice at State Department“. The take from the pieces is that when countries talk to Rice they know they are getting the president’s official position, however they will lose a person who is the backdoor to the president who can talk negotiate and play advocate with other people’s positions. The more ideological position of Rice will cause a lot of friction in the service and will lose a number of senior people. The lack of Powell in the administration also increases the chances of groupthink.

Andrei Codrescu also a commentary on the death of intellectuals.

Malcom Gladwell RSS Feed

I created an RSS feed of Malcom Gladwell’s article archive. I’ve been meaning to follow his work ever since I heard him talk at Microsoft about “The Tipping Point”.


Kerry lost, the democrats lost. I had a significant emotional reaction to it, which I wasn’t expecting. 😦 At this point I can just be hopeful that Bush has learned from his past mistakes and will do a better job this time around. I share many of the same high level goals, I just wish we matched more on technique and my expectation of skill level.