WMP Library sample code

Steve Butler has an blog entries on using the WMP SDK to parse Library information and even better has a project about building a UPNP Media Server using some stuff Intel provides to make UPnP usable from managed code.

One thought on “WMP Library sample code

  1. Steve

    While the project is mainly a personal plaything to keep me amused during long winters, however it’s so cool when media devices from different vendors e.g. Netgear & Gateway all work together seamlessly using software that I designed.

    Even better is the 1st time ever that I’ve managed to control HiFi equipment over WiFi with a PDA. All with off-the-shelf components.

    Keep watching – I’m figuring out how I want my content directories to work at the moment, it won’t take long to translate that into a working prototype. I’ll share out my source when its a little more robust.

    The future for digital media is amazing…

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