Local Exploit Security Vulns

CNet reports today on three locally exploitable MacOS 10.2 and below vulns found by @Stake. Apparently they have fixed them on Pather (MacOS 10.3).

MSDN TV's Lap Around Longhorn

You can watch the least flashy chunk of monday’s PDC’s keynote code demos on MSDN TV’s Lap Around Longhorn. This contains some Avalon, Indigo and WinFS code written in XAML/C#.

Safari goes the OS only route

According to the Web Standards Project, Apple, like Microsoft, appears to be going the OS only route with thier latest web browser release of Safari in Panther. 

Xen, an .Net based XML programming language

 After a year or two, Microsoft Research has released a research paper on Xen, a .Net based programming language design to work with well with XML. Here is an simple example of what changes in the language:

public class card {
      string  name;
      string  title;
      string  email;
      string? phone;
      logo?   logo;

  public class logo {
    attribute string url;

  public class Test {

      static void Main() {
        card c = <card>
                   <name>John Doe</name>
                   <title>CEO, Widget Inc.</title>
                   <phone>(202) 456-1414</phone>
                   <logo url="widget.gif"/>
        c.*.{ Console.WriteLine(it); };

Lecture Day and an Ask

Friday tends to be a good day for techinical talks at Microsoft. Today I went to two talks. The first was a dry run for a PDC talk “Visual Studio Whidbey: Advanced Debugging Techniques“. Some pretty neat stuff there. The second was the technical details to a smart solution to a networking problem I’ve been living with for a while. The fact that the feature won’t hit the world until Longhorn is sorta sad. It’s days like this that I wish Microsoft had a much tighter ship schedule for it’s operating systems.

This brings up a question for all three blog engine bots currently reading my site, What networking problems do you have that we can work on fixing?

Microsoft Earnings for the Quarter

Intresting points:

  • MSN had it’s first profitable quarter, with advertising revenues up 50%.
  • Biggest P&L group growth was Mobile and Embedded Device
  • Microsoft has $51 billion in cash, Cash + Investments = $65 billion
  • Unearned revenue is down to $8.2 billion, which is down more then what we expected. Some of that has to do with security. Security hits the bottom line (and hence the stock price).

Meeting the new Architect in the group

Today the windows networking group had it’s quarterly meeting. Something in an email that I missed a month ago was the fact that appletalk inventor Gursharan Sidhu has joined networking as a Architect.

Amazon jumps my expectations

Joel points out that Amazon now searches the full text of books. It’s always really cool when a company suddenly blows your expectation of what they can do. “Everyone” does community, “everyone” does reviews, “everyone” does recommendations. Nobody does full text searching of the books they sell.