How The Left Became Irrelevant

How the left became irrelevant. Christopher Hitchens talks about his beef with the Nation, the “filthy menace” of Saddam Hussein, and how the left ceded its moral credibility by opposing the war against Islamic fascism. []

Microsofts Media Monopo

Microsoft’s media monopoly. Bill Gates wants to control the delivery of digital entertainment into your home. And according to a lawsuit brought by a pioneering software company, he’s prepared to crush anything that gets in his way. First of two parts. []

Doc Likes My Definition Of SOAP If Its Going To Become Official Id Lik

Doc likes my definition of SOAP. If it’s going to become official, I’d like to add Richard Stallman to the list of people we don’t have to pay taxes to. “;->” [Scripting News]

Will Microsoft Limit Office 1

Will Microsoft limit Office 11 access?. The first beta of Office 11 runs only on Windows 2000 and XP, possibly setting the stage for Microsoft to drop support for four earlier versions of Windows. [CNET]

Microsoft You Need Permission To Sell Our Software IEEEmembe

Microsoft: You Need Permission to Sell Our Software. IEEEmember writes “Microsoft has objected to the sale of bankrupt KMart’s Internet unit to United Online. Microsoft’s objection to the sale is … [Slashdot]
Extra Credit: What’s the legal responsiblities that bluelight has to United Online if they used GPL code?
Hint: I don’t think that the answer is “none”.

Microsoft Classaction Suit D

Microsoft class-action suit dismissed. A federal appeals court in Virginia dismisses a class-action suit against Microsoft, HP and Dell. The judges rule that there’s no proof of any anti-competitive activity. [CNET]

AIM ICQ To Interoperate

AIM, ICQ to interoperate. AOL says it will allow its next version of AIM to communicate with ICQ, a surprise move that will topple the long-standing barrier between the two popular IM services. [CNET]