Internet Telephony Revisitednbsp As Part Of My Research

Internet telephony revisited.  As part of my research, I solicited and am now using the Vonage IP phone. It’s an eye-opener, for sure. A little Cisco box (the ATA 165) jacks into your DHCP-enabled DSL router, you press a button, and away you go. Works right through my fully-locked-down NAT. Most folks I talk to notice the difference — especially if I clog up my 256-up/256-down circuit with a DSL speed test while I’m talking — but it’s darned impressive. The bottom-line savings on long-distance charges are of course the reason why most folks might be willing to ditch their POTS line for this solution. But I’m equally intrigued by the upside: applications that intercept and work with SIP signalling and digitized voice, integrate phone presence with IM, forward call metadata to Web services, and all the other CTI (computer-telephone integration) fantasies that may finally start to come true. [Jon’s Radio]


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