MSN 8 ain't no Hailstorm

Scoble still isn’t getting what Hailstorm/.NET MyServices was.

He’s right about concerns on where the data lives. It was that issue that killed hailstorm (or at least has made it go away till they had thier federation story worked out at ship time instead of V2 time). But the main point is that what MSN 8 is shipping simply can’t be hailstorm because hailstorm is a platform and what MSN 8 is providing isn’t.

Finally, what does server side data sources and manipulation apis have anything to do with how the web site chooses to display it? A familiar example is RSS. Every news aggergator and web site has a different way of showing the information retreived through the format. Some are standards compliant, some aren’t, and some are not even web based at all.


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