Caught in the Crossfire

Arab-Americans, one year later. A new PBS documentary delicately explores the lives of “100 percent American, 100 percent Arab” citizens, who find themselves permanent outsiders in a season of war. []
“Caught in the Crossfire,” however, explores only one facet of the dynamic: the Arab-American as victim. In trying so hard to make an audience like its major characters, and so to accept Arab-Americans as decent folks just like us, the film actually strips those characters of the complexity of emotion and experience that makes them fully human.

But the attacks were not just what one of Mr. El-Yateem’s fellow clergymen calls a “terrible, sad thing that happened to all of us.” They were undertaken, or at least rationalized, by Mr. bin Laden in the name of Arabs and Muslims worldwide. So what do Ms. Dergham, Mr. El-Yateem and Mr. Nasser think of that? What could it have been like to be an Arab-American cop last fall when the search for Al Qaeda confederates in New York and elsewhere began? What did Ms. Dergham, as a journalist writing for the Arab media, make of conspiracy theories of Israeli involvement?

One never knows, either because the filmmakers never asked or they chose to excise the answers. Ms. Dergham talks only vaguely about the importance of seeing both sides of an issue. Very early in the film, Mr. Nasser offers an apology for the Sept. 11 assault. But that misses the point. It’s not an apology a viewer seeks; it’s insight into what three articulate and decent Arab-Americans think and feel in their innermost selves. [New York Times]
The register’s article is pretty pro Palestinian and shows a bit of the European Palestinian support.

Finally, the actual disputed history account is here:

A Post911 American Nightmare Gar

A post-9/11 American nightmare. Garad Jama was branded a terrorist. His business was shuttered, his assets frozen. He couldn’t support his family. Nine months later the U.S. government said, “Never mind.” []

Karzai Survives Attempt On His Life Afghan Presi

Karzai survives attempt on his life. Afghan President Hamid Karzai escapes an assassination attempt – only hours after at least 10 people were killed by a car bomb in Kabul. [BBC News | WORLD]

Key Palestinian Leader Due In Court Senior Pale

Key Palestinian leader due in court. Senior Palestinian leader Marwan Barghouti is due to appear in court on charges of ordering attacks against Israel. [BBC News | WORLD]

Huge Car Bomb Found In Israel A 600kg Car Bomb

Huge car bomb found in Israel. A 600kg car bomb is detected and made safe as suspected militants try to take it into northern Israel from the West Bank¸ police say. [BBC News | WORLD]

Iraq Strike Would Open Hells Gates Foreign M

Iraq strike ‘would open hell’s gates’. Foreign ministers of the Arab League warn that a military strike on Iraq would lead to major instability in the region. [BBC News | WORLD]

Microsoft Unveils Windows Med

Microsoft unveils Windows Media 9. The software goliath reveals its long-awaited digital media software in an effort to establish dominance for its operating system in distributing high-quality digital content. [CNET]

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Protesters Interrupt Powell Speech as U.N. Talks End. Demonstrators in Johannesburg jeered Secretary of State Colin L. Powell on Wednesday to protest the administration’s environmental and foreign aid policies. By James Dao. [New York Times: Politics]

MS Patches Bogus Certificate Hole On NT XP The Rest Of You Ma

MS patches bogus certificate hole on NT, XP. The rest of you, Mac users too, will have to wait [The Register]
What the register has forgotten is that this vuln affects everything that uses certs for trust, which is a lot of crap across the microsoft infrastructure. Therefore you might have been a bit better via using mozilla, but will still be vuln to the issue in all the other ways.