Um, no. Which Lessig are you talking about?

In “What About Lessig?” Joshua Allen does a few logical backflips. Dave Winer manages to extract a useful nugget of wisdom from the peice, but what strikes me so odd is that Joshua is mixing Lessig views on open source with his views on copyrights with his views on the End-to-End’ness of the Internet which I am under the impression he keeps seperate. I haven’t read his views of (open) source code access, and I have to agree with putting an upper bound on copyrights. (life of author plus X where X < 10? whatever), but I was in agreement with Lessig during his talk at microsoft about the end to end issues (which is the arguements Lessig was making in the article Joshua torn apart). I remeber asking lessig what he thought about the idea of some protocols being available in a RAND fassion. He didn’t knee jerk say that it was bad, but reminded me that sometimes the reasonable part of RAND could be very expensive, so it depends on that. This is not the Lessig Joshua paints at the end of his rant about “the Collective”.


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