Lee Critizes The Whole Concept Of Foriegn Aid By Giving One Ex

Lee critizes the whole concept of foriegn aid by giving one example of where it went wrong and claiming the only places it went right was the Marshall Plan and Israel. Frankly it’s hard to buy the argument, if it was failing soo often, then why would anyone bother? malice? I think aid is a great thing and works well on the small scale, and normally does help in the large scale. However aid is not a replacement for economic prosperity. It’s a bandaid to help a population get through a rough spot.

He then claims that US companies moving plants in foriegn countries has been the best solution for third world country woes. I think it’s more likely that such a thing just changes the nature of some of the woes. The late 1800s showed some of the problems that industrialization can bring. Sometimes a new factory can be the best thing in the world for a third world town, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be easily abused, and can’t cause the same side effects he mentions with ethipoia. Also take a look at what has happend to the so called coperate towns accross america. The majority of them are dead. Healthy towns have a diversity of industry, or at least buissness.


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