VC Watch This Weeks Funding

VC watch: This week’s funding wins. Softricity receives $14.6 million…HyPerformix gets $12 million…Antenova raises $9.4 million. [CNET]

So that is why salon is still afloat?

Windows CE NET 41 Download The Latest Emulation Edition Get The Evaluation

Windows CE .NET 4.1. Download the latest Emulation Edition, get the Evaluation Kit, and check out the latest technical content on Mobile and Embedded Development. [MSDN]

note to self: Go play with this when you have some spare play time.

A Journal By Some Guy At MS T

A journal by some guy at MS. [TheFlangyNews News]

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Clemens Vasters: Attributes rock!  Agreed. [Sam Ruby]

This is a page that shows how to use attributes to do cools things in

Microsofts Out The Window When A Company Buys

Microsoft’s Out the Window. When a company buys back more than $9 billion in overvalued stock, it’s time to move on. [The Motley Fool]

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Senate Panel Approves Treaty Banning Bias Against Women. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved an international treaty on Tuesday that is intended to eliminate discrimination against women. By James Dao. [New York Times: Politics]