Paul Collins: How to be Obscure

I listened to Paul Collins talk today on “How to be Obscure”. It’s an entertaining talk on people who were almost famous, or should have been famous, but are now unremebered. Stories told included N-Rays, studies of the effects of opium and how an inventor managed to automate a process and then make a fortune from it by not patenting it and keeping the process a secret.Collins edits the Collins’ library and is the author of Banvard’s Folly: Thirteen People Who Didn’t Change the World.


ACLU Consumer Groups Push Op

ACLU, consumer groups push open access. The Internet’s status as an open forum for ideas will come under attack if cable companies aren’t forced to open up their broadband networks to rivals, the groups say. [CNET]

The Battle Over Contraversial Bush Judcial Nominee Priscilla Owen

The Battle Over Contraversial Bush Judcial Nominee Priscilla Owen : Why An Ideological Selection Deserves An Ideological Confirmation Process [FindLaw via Salon]

Microsoft Backs Away From Inf

Microsoft backs away from InfiniBand. The software maker–one of the early InfiniBand backers–reverses an earlier plan to build support for the high-speed networking technology into its next server version of Windows. [CNET]

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Bush Energy Proposal Seeks to ‘Clear Skies’ by 2018. President Bush announced on Monday that he had submitted to Congress legislation that he said would reduce most power plant emissions by 70 percent by 2018. By Christopher Marquis. [New York Times: Politics]