This Modern World The History Of Th

This Modern World. The history of the dot-com economy and the history of the war on terror — recounted in a single cartoon! []

Universities Collaborate With Microsoft

Universities Collaborate with Microsoft on Cutting-Edge Technologies.  Leading universities are working with Microsoft Research to create new technologies, based on .NET-connected software, that help people do everything from predicting and responding to failed network connections to teaching abstract mathematical concepts through visualization. [Microsoft Press Pass]


The Conferencing Experience Project ConferenceXP Is A Research And

The Conferencing Experience Project, ConferenceXP, is a research and development initiative of Microsoft Research Learning Sciences and Technology group.

ConferenceXP integrates recent advances in high performance audio, video and network technologies to seamlessly connect multiple distant participants in a rich immersive environment for distance conferencing, instruction and collaboration. ConferenceXP provides an extensible foundation for interactive collaborative environments, and serves as a research platform for designing and implementing distance conferencing and learning applications.

Company Picnic

This last weekend was the company picnic. The food was okay. The activities fun. The large group of friends to enjoy it with was great. The mountain, Beautiful.

In related events, last thursday was the  windows .net server rc1 ship party. I got there pretty late at which point it was dangerous to be outside. Water ballons were constantly being flung into the air at any constentration of bodies. Beer was tossed at any daring to come outside the caffiteria door.

Opinion Steve Gillmor Net Insecurity Days

Opinion – Steve Gillmor: .Net Insecurity Days

But backstage it’s a different message: Microsoft .NotYet. Trust us — we’re patenting the HailStorm schemas. Trust us — but we’re not rewriting our apps in .Net. Trust us — we’re locking you in with licenses for upgrades that will never happen because — trust us — we’re going to change our minds. [Scripting News]

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Nation-Building Lite. The Bush administration is trying to reconstruct Afghanistan on the cheap. But empires come heavy, or not at all. By Michael Ignatieff. [New York Times: Politics]

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It’s Republican vs. Republican on Cuba. President Bush’s senior adviser, Karl Rove, has been pressuring Republican lawmakers from farm states not to ease restrictions on travel to Cuba. By Christopher Marquis. [New York Times: Politics]